Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland

by / Comments Off on Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland / 45 View / July 26, 2014

Review by: Aaron Pape

Jumping into Wonderland and thinking of six impossible things before breakfast are easy to think of, what with there being many variations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Some versions are the true ones—all made by Lewis Carroll, beginning with Alice sitting beside her sister, and ending with her waking up beside her. Others are mixed with Carroll’s other book, Through the Looking Glass, and others with queer instances all throughout. However, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is a must read tale about the loss of childhood innocence and the constant and inescapable grasp of death. To begin, I recommend Alice Adventures in Wonderland, mainly, because it is a great book, and the fact that I read no book without first it being recommended to me. However, I also recommend the book for other reasons—it is short, only eighty-nine pages, Alice goes through major changes, losing her innocence, while also learning people who are ‘mad’ are the best, on top of other reasons. Although, there are some things I would change; for one, I would change the conflict/climax. The climax of the story is in chapter eleven with the trial of Knave of Hearts. This does not necessarily affect Alice, although it does wake her up from her sleep. Other for this reason I would not change anything about this story. If I was forced to put Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with a rating according to the Motion Picture Association guidelines, I would absolutely have to give it a positive “G”, for it gives no explicit acts of drugs or alcohol, no violence, and no crude humor. Now for the normal one through five rating, I would love, and be obligated to, to give Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a glorious five.