The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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Review by: Laura Roewe

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of my favorite books, was written by Douglass Adams after initially residing a radio show segment. As a part of the sci-fi genre, this book is, with no surprise, action packed and exceptionally comedic too. One thing for sure is that this book is definitely worth reading.

The book centers around Arthur Dent and his travels through space with best ‘alien’ friend, Ford Prefect, after Earth was destroyed to make room for an interstellar bypass. They encounter many problems that make no sense and even make new friends; if that counts when they happen to be a depressed robot, the president of the Universe (and also sorta-kinda Ford’s cousin), and a girl that once rejected Arthur at a party and ran off with another guy. With this strange group, mysteries are discovered and problems are sorta solved. This fast paced novel will keep people on their toes at all times.

Since this novel is such an extraordinary mixture of mindboggling interactions, strange characters, and mystifying places, any avid reader is sure to enjoy it. All in all the book is quite short (unless you read the entire five book series) and does not take very long to finish, thus making it great for people who do not have much time to spare. There are even really important morals if someone cared to look deep enough to find them. A few include, even the simplest of things can be important, you/we are not the center of everything, or expect the unexpected. Don’t panic though, it is easily readable for just pleasure.

In the end this book is PG-13 because of a few mature ideas, language, and the fact that very few people below that age would actually be able to comprehend what was happening. Then it is also given a star rating of 4.8 since I think the overall story is wonderful, the development of ideas are fluid, and the insane originality puts it above many others of its kind. The only thing that I believe could have been touched more upon were the different tidbits of information about other places, since they could have had more detail just for fun.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is an exquisite book that anyone of most ages would enjoy reading. The story is great, the characters are different, and setting is unlike any other. With a parental guidance of PG-13 this book should be read by everyone.