The Misconceptions of Being Healthy

by / Comments Off on The Misconceptions of Being Healthy / 79 View / October 2, 2014

Article Written by: Alivia Martin

There are a lot of misconceptions about how to be fit and staying in shape. Some believe it is all about completely reducing the diet and overworking themselves. This however is the wrong way to go. Yes it is important to work hard when it comes to the actual workout, but it is very important to be eating the right way to end up with the desired results. A healthy, nutrient rich, everyday eating pattern should be part of the journey to reachingfitness goals. This includes three meals a day with a few healthy snacking periods. Examples of foods you should start to eat less of include carbohydrates, processed sugars, carbonated drinks, and fried foods. It is not bad to eat these foods on occasion, but instead of keeping them as part of your normal diet, cut more and more of them out and start eating healthier foods such asvegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, and a few dairy products. Be sure to watch the dairy for sometimes it has ingredients which will not be beneficial toward your diet and fitness plans, but to have some is okay. A consistent healthy diet and exercise routine are connected like a battery to a machine. Without the battery there is no use for the machine and without a healthy diet there is not much use for exercising. Good luck on reaching your fitness goals!